In India from the age of Ancient times, peoples of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa. etc. were worshiping Lord Shri Khondaba as Kuldevatha or Kuldaivath. Lord Shiva took avtar of Marthand Bhairav to defeat Mani and Malya Rakshas. That day was of Shudha Champasasthi. Since then Champasasthi is celebrated as "Khondaba Avatar Day".


  • Time of Temple Aarti: morning 7 a.m, afternoon 12 .00 and Night 8.00 p.m
  • Time of Darshan: Morning 6 a.m to night 8.30 p.m
  • During the time of Yatra and Utsav the time is extended for darshan.

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