In India from the age of Ancient times, peoples of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa. etc. were worshiping Lord Shri Khondaba as Kuldevatha or Kuldaivath. Lord Shiva took avtar of Marthand Bhairav to defeat Mani and Malya Rakshas. That day was of Shudha Champasasthi. Since then Champasasthi is celebrated as "Khondaba Avatar Day".


Swaibhu Tandala and Baralinge People from all over Maharashtra came in lakhs to take darshan of KulDaivat Shree Khandoba. Also lacks of devottees from the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa comes on Champasasthi and Poush Poornima Yatra Utsav for holly darshan of lords shree Khandoba. In olden days it was known as "God originated without iron blow" and used to call God's own origin. Accordingly it was named as Korthan Khandoba. In Marathi "Kora-Thane" i.e. "Korthan-Khandoba" (Swayambhu daiety).

Here devotees gets darshan of Lord Khandoba in the form of Swayambhu Rocky tandala (Stone). Also Mhalsa and Banai are visible in the same Tandala Stone or Rocky Stone. In front of them there are twelve swayambhu lingas. The god's place is holly an really sensitive and hence become famous place of god. All people comes here for darshan by asking kaul, and ask to the god that their wish to be fulfilled, i.e by right kaul or left kaul. And accordingly they plan their works. Till 1987 at this place there was a custom of giving sacrifice of goats during Yatra. The villagers took the movement against such custom, hence banned the same by starting Harinam Sankirtan, satsang etc. Development of the said sacred place was undertaken there after and it is continued till today also.

The original old temple was built somewhere in the year 1491 which can be seen from sculpture board in the temple . This place is at the height of 951 mtrs from sea level and it is long plane surface area which is pleasing our minds. In the year 1997 the said old temple was renovated by village people and devotees. The new temple was inaugurated at the hands of Mahan Tapasvi Bramhalin Param Pujya Swami Shri Gangangiri Maharaj.A golden kalash was established on the temple at the hands of Swami Shri Gangangiri Maharaj. That day was Shudha Champasasthi, hence every year it is celebrated with big religious Mela, Satsang and Mahaprasad. Since last 14 years this function is going on. On this occasion Bramhalin P.P. Swami Shri Gagangiri Maharaj and Rastrasant Bhayuji Maharaj Indore (M.P), Mahant 1008, Shri Falhari Maharaj, Vrindavan Mathura, Ramayanachraya Shri Ramrao Dhok Maharaj, Nagpurkar and mahant Shri Bhaskargiri Maharaj of Shri Datta Devestan Deogad and also Hon. Saints and Sadus were present along with lacks of people for taking darshan and getting eternal happiness and divine joy.

Throughout the year annual Yatra Utsav on Poush Poornima for 3 days, Somavati Amavasya twice or thrice in a year, Champasashti Utsav, Shravan Hangama Utsav, Monthly Poornima Utsav, Shree Khandoba's Palki procession is taken and Prasad is given in the morning. Every Sunday and on public holiday there is a huge crowd of devotees. In all together, yearly there are more than 15 lakhs devotees are visiting this Devasthan. From the donations given by these devotees there is lot of development works are completed. Considering the increase of the crowd of devotees visiting the Devasthan there has been financial limitation on the devsthan. The atmosphere, weather around the Devasthan is good and pleasant. From the hills of Devsthan, areal view of the Ahmednagar and Pune districts area can be seen.

Devasthan place is reachable by roads from Ahmednagar and Pune district. The programme of Yatra is properly arranged and managed jointly by the Administration of the sansthan, District and Taluka administration of government. There is crowd of 6 lakhs of people during Yatra. The Palki which is made of silver from the donation given by the devotees and the silver idols of the utsav are beautiful and pleasant to eyes and minds.

From Pradhan Mantri Gramsadak yojana in Year 2009- 2010 , new road is built of the expenses of nearly 5.50 crores from Belha- Kalash- Garkhindi- Korthan Khandoba Devasthan - Pimplalgaon Rotha. This road has helped lacks of devotees to visit the Devasthan much easily and timely. From Malshej Ghat this Devasthan is nearly 60 kms which is a tourist place hence it is always crowded. The Government has provided street lights, Dharmashala, Sabha mandap, toilets etc. facilities have been given, and hence these Devasthan got importance among the devotees. New Bhakta Nivas building has been made available by one Shree Khandoab Devotee, namely Shree Mahesh Borkar.

"Korthancha Khanderaya" a Marathi film was produced. Through T.V. channels the publication of the Yatra ustav is done, the ustav has also become famous and spread out of Maharashtra also. "Khandobache Kore Thane" VCD which gives lot of information regarding the Devsthan. The Devsthan Trust looks after the temple's management. The Maharashtra Government has now sanctioned state level "B" Grade to the Devasthan and hence lot of facilities and schemes are proposed and they are being implemented, hence huge Bhakta Nivas, Parking, Toilet blocks and darshasn bari works will be completed during the year. Kuldevath Khandoba shall keep peace in the minds of lakhs of devotees who visits this Devasthan. "Swayambhu Korthan Khandoba" is a natural, pleasant and holy Devsthan. After getting the darshan everyone realize peace and divine power.
Sada Anandacha Yalkot ! Jaimalhar!!!

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